Raphael J. Landovitz, M.D., of UCLA said he was planning to show “how to meet a man that is gay five easy steps — GRINDR 101.”

Reaching Young Gay Men Through Grindr

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The greater purpose of their presentation, nevertheless, was escort girl Lakewood to give the link between a study of young gay men using the social networking app and talk about just how it could be useful for HIV prevention. In la, as in america, he stated, males that have intercourse with males (MSM) acquire the majority of new HIV infections, with those age 20-29 getting the greater incidence ( brand new infections) in that town. Into the U.S., the majority of MSM with new infections are ages 13-29 (almost four away from 10).

Dr. Landovitz stated that GRINDR boasts two million users worldwide, with 8,000 more joining each time and 280,000 logged on at least daily. GRINDR enables its users to locate each other geographically simply by using GPS functionality. An example put up regarding the display had been of a 27-year-old Latino located 81 f t away. He was l king and single for “dates, friends, and networking.”

” Some of you might not be aware of GRINDR,” Dr. Landovitz stated. ” a few of perhaps you are logged on to it now,” of which the audience broke away laughing.

In one single fall, Landovitz pretended showing two audience users logged on. He introduced their exchange regarding the display screen.

“Hey — you’re hot [referring towards the individuals profile photo]!”

” Many Thanks! U2. Where u at?”

“Presentation on GRINDR. Interesting, but the presenter is really a dork.”

They arrange for the money to h k up later.

According to the research group’s abstract, “Young MSM (YMSM) in l . a . age 20-29 have actually the greatest HIV incidence prices of any age-risk population section within the city. YMSM are technology savvy and use GPS-based social network ‘apps,’ such as for instance GRINDR, to facilitate partnering that is sexual. GRINDR has more than [two] milliion users and much more than 46,500 users in L.A. GRINDR might be a t l to access hard to reach communities.”

Ended up being it? Inside their abstract summary, they report that, “GRINDR was a feasible and method that is acceptable recruit a sample of YMSM. Many complied with CDC-recommended yearly HIV assessment. Prevalence of self-reported HIV had been similar to data from other recruitment techniques in YMSM; this indicates little bias by HIV status in this test. The sample is at high risk for HIV acquisition with high rates of reported STIs and risk behavior. On GRINDR, fewer HIV-positives inquired about partners’ HIV status than HIV-negatives, suggesting less serosorting [picking partners of the exact same HIV status]. GRINDR can be a mechanism for supplying HIV prevention texting and interventions.”

The research group used areas of Los Angeles frequented by young MSM. GRINDR people identified as 18 to 29 years old had been eligible for the study. Of 4,808 contacts made over five months, just 375 individuals (7.8%) were recruited in to the survey. Their age ranged from 22 to 27. The number that is greatest of them were white (42.4%), followed by Latinos (33.6%), Asian (14.1%), and African Us citizens (6.4%).

Of these, 83.2% was indeed tested for HIV in the past year, with 4.3% reported having never been tested for herpes. The males reported having had gonorrhea (17.9%), Chlamydia (13.6%), and syphilis (9.1%). The common number of partners for anal intercourse in the previous 12 months ended up being 10. More than half (56%) had discovered an intercourse partner through GRINDR in the last 3 months and 41% reported inconsistent condom usage for receptive rectal intercourse. While 98% reported sex with males in the year that is previous 10% reported making love with women in the period duration, two reported intercourse with transgender females, plus one reported sex having a transgender male.